The Forum consists of six layers;

  1. Executive Committee
    Membership consists of Chairman / CEO / President of top business / University / Institute.
  2. Council
    Chairman, Vice-chairman, selected members and Executive Director.
  3. Steering Committee
    Membership represents businesses, universities and governmental bodies and is selected by the Executive Committee.
  4. Study Group
    Members of the Study Groups are selected by the Steering Committee from businesses/ universities/governmental bodies and other relevant fields, both in Japan and abroad.
  5. The Executive Program Committee for the international meeting and symposium
    Members are selected by the Executive Committee.
  6. The Program Committee for the international meeting and symposium
    Members are selected by the Steering Committee.



BUF is finances by annual fees from corporate members.


Date of Establishment: December 25th, 1992


Fujio Cho (July 2013 – present)  Chairman of the Board, Toyota Motor Corporation
Hiroshi Komiyama (July 2009 – July 2013)  Chairman of the Institute, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc
Shoichiro Toyoda (August 2004 – July 2009) Honorary Chairman, Toyota Motor Corp.
Hiroyuki Yoshikawa (March 1999 – August 2004) President, The Open Univ. of Japan
Gaishi Hiraiwa (June 1995 – March 1998)  Counselor, The Tokyo Electric Power Company Inc.,Honorary Chairman, Japan Federation of Economic Organizations
Jiro Kondo (December 1992 – June 1995) President, The Science Council of Japan

<Title at the assumption of chairman>

Study Groups

Liberal Arts Study Group

21st Century Vision for Society/University and Business Cooperation in Education/International Issues in Asia/Committee on International Qualification Standards for Engineers/Business World’s View on University Education/ An Environmental Education/ The Business-University Collaboration Promotion/Educational Methods in an Knowledge Based Society/ An Innovation Cluster/Visa Issues etc.

Sister Forum

Business Higher Education Forum (BHEF, US)

BUF Executives / BUF Staff

BUF Executives
(April 2018-present)
Chairman Fujio Cho (Chairman of the Board, Toyota Motor Corporation)
Vice Chairman Mutsuhiro Arinobu (Project Professor, Policy Alternatives Research Institute, Tokyo University)

Michinari Hamaguchi (President, Japan Science and Technology Agency)

Council Etsuhiko Shoyama (Chairman Emeritus, Hitachi, Ltd.)
Akihisa Mizuno (Chairman of the Board of Directors, CHUBU Electric Power Co., Inc.)

Hiroshi Komiyama (Chairman of the Institute, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)
Hiroyuki Yoshikawa (Special Counselor to the President, Japan Science and Technology Agency)
Shinichi Hirano (Chair Professor, Special advisor to president, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Director of Hirano Institute for Materials Innovations, Professor Emeritus, Former President, Nagoya University)
Shoichiro Toyoda (Honorary Chairman, Member of the Board of Toyota Motor Corporation)

BUF Staff
Executive Director Satoshi Kohara
Assistant Sayoko Yamaguchi

Rina Ito